1. konvar

    Streamango/streamcherry stopped paying?

    Hi, i've seen that on streamango and streamcherry are missing the "earn money" page, does that mean that they stopped paying? I want to make an Porn tube soon with an modified version of dooplay (modified by me) but i want to...
  2. T

    openload remote upload stuck at the beginning

    uploading using remote upload was running great but 24 hours ago it stuck at the beginning it just shows Status: new 0.1 kB/0.1 kB I contacted them and no answer for 24 hours the same problem on streamcherry anybody facing the same problem ?
  3. Chris Pandey

    A good video host or a video delivery network. eg : Openload

    Hello, To all the great webmasters here, I hope that you all are thriving & enjoying your life to the fulllest. :) Just wanted to know that, do you lords know any other options or alternatives for some vdn(s) [Video delivery networks] like openload,, estream, vidnode etc. ? Thanks...