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  1. J

    [QUESTION] API/Script for Instagram Story Poster/Scheduler with native Instagram features like stickers, polls, etc.?

    I'm wondering if there's any script or API Documentation or code that helps me implement the same functionality as the one in for stories with stickers and polls and all that stuff that Instagram supports by default? I'm trying to implement that into a web application that I'm...
  2. Pragesh.Diol

    I have never laughed that much in my life!

    This is a real life experience for real. So, me and my one friend we always go in public transport together daily. We were both standing as no seats were available on the bus and for context, A middle aged man was sitting on seats of handicapped people.(That is okay honestly) now the bus makes...
  3. anton609

    What are some ways to expose a thief? This so call influencer Stole money from me, I must revenge

    So long story short back in November this guy from Miami pitch me hard af his press release services, he went from nine hundra to three hundrads after I told him that was my last offer. He immediately sent me the Apple pay request & I sent him the dinero$ right away -_- it was around Q4 late...
  4. M

    Question : How to automate IG Story posts?

    Hey I wanted to ask this question as I feel this is of real benefit for you anyone using multiple IG accounts, to help squeeze extra traffic. Is there a way to automate IG story posts WITH a swipe up link? I heard its possible somehow with massplanner, but I'm not sure if thats accurate. I can...
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