1. TheCoin

    @cryptoniancs SCAMMER - I Paid $1100 (He pretend to run Google Ads for Crypto offers)

    Hello BHW admins and moderators, I suggest you guys to implement more rules and strict verification process for VIP/Premium members because is supposed to trust buying services from them in the Forum right! I am talking with this shit of SCAMMER @cryptoniancs - till on 12 May, 2022 after...
  2. D

    Adpump Stole My $800 And Threatening Me Now

    Adpump Stole My $800 And Threatening Me Now Trying to stop their scams forever, how would you guys like to help me?
  3. Kosher1

    My API Was Hacked - Left with $3,879 bill from Paypal

    Well, I am pretty new here, but not new to the ideas and genius BHW posts.. Great site. Let me start, as I hope some of you have some suggestions: 9/11/09 I get a call from a customer in regards to a charge appearing on her credit card statement from my website. The charge was under $1...
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