1. lancis new feature - rss feed mirroring

    Anyone managed to get it working?
  2. B questions

    I have two questions about sites that I was wondering if someone can help me with... 1.) I remember seeing back a few months ago that (and related sites) were switching to nofollow. In looking at a few of them today, though, this does not seem to be the case. Did they end...
  3. wickedguy

    GET Approximately 300 Free INSTANT Backlinks!

    Hey Guys!! I'm just feeling GENEROUS today :D I've written a little script which will post your link to approximately 300 STATUSNET sites. I know that there's other threads regarding STATUSNET on this forum BUT, there's NO script that I know of which will post your link with the keyword in it...
  4. Fuggz

    How NOT to ruin and StatusNet linking/indexing

    I have seen a ton of posts lately on using different StatusNet sites to get indexing and high pr links, especially **you know**. A lot of members here are just completely sloppy with this method, throwing red flags left and right, and **you know** is noticing this trust me! Here is the method I...
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