1. viking011

    ▶️ ✅ Uptime Monitoring & Status Pages

  2. anishpdsah1

    My PayPal Balance in Pending Status. Now what?

    Hello, My UAE verified PayPal Balance is in Pending Status. They say it will get cleared within 21 days. Will it really get cleared? within 21 days? or more or less? or will never get cleared? Please help.
  3. E

    Auto like script for Facebook

    Does anyone know if this works and if its safe to use? Facebook Auto Like Professional 2015 by MonkeyGuts
  4. Gioware

    Is there anywhere were you can purchase FB status updates (AKA shout out)

    Is there anywhere were you can purchase FB status updates (AKA shout out) to share links? except fiverr
  5. Y

    [help] facebook comment liker needed

    I'm in the need of a facebook comment liker which can rank my comment to the top. Are their any websites / bots which can be used to do so?
  6. alex270

    Need Hublaa VIP alternative urgently

    Hi I hope you know well about Hublaa automatic fb status likes website. Am VIP user there. Last 1+ week hublaa not working.So i looking alternative sites. I want VIP(Ready to pay) automatic status 5000 likes on every posts for my fan page. If you know any sites kindly share here No need free...
  7. buzzcore

    YouTube Mass Video Checker- Check the status of multiple YouTube videos

    Hello fellow blackhatters. A few month ago I was finding it tedious to check one by one my YouTube videos on a daily basis to check if they had been deleted or not. So I decided to write a simple PHP script to check them all at once. I was hosting this on my home server but thought I ought to...
  8. 1997ads

    [NEED] Youtube Video Status Checker

    Hi guys, Some of my videos are being deleted (most probably by my competition). So, I wanted a quick program, that would tell me if any of my videos are deleted. So that I may immediately Re-upload it. Also, the videos are uploaded on different accounts. If you know any such program. Please...
  9. E

    Facebook bot to like status' and comments?

    I have 1000+ facebook accounts, and was wondering if any bot exists that would allow me to load a list of emails & passwords, and have the accounts like a specific status and or comment? (or photo?)
  10. B

    Status updates

    I have a fan page with 100k likes, called fb dot com slash sntrofficial I want to make a profit out of it by status updates, anything else. I created the page as a joke with a friend but it went viral itself :rolleyes: Now, how can i make money out of it ?
  11. S

    Facebook Status RSS Feed

    I would like to update some of my other social networks with my facebook status. I cant seem to find away to do it. Do you know of a way that works, and will let me update other social networks like twitter with an RSS feed?
  12. wickedguy

    GET Approximately 300 Free INSTANT Backlinks!

    Hey Guys!! I'm just feeling GENEROUS today :D I've written a little script which will post your link to approximately 300 STATUSNET sites. I know that there's other threads regarding STATUSNET on this forum BUT, there's NO script that I know of which will post your link with the keyword in it...
  13. B

    Status update - fan page

    I need a status update on a fan page that has 200,000+ fans... What are we lookin at ??
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