1. C

    My youtube artist journey ( + Spotify ) (Music Industry)

    Hey so I am young rapper from french and i want to start my journey , i have studied the youtube algorithm for an long time before i decided to make my youtube journey Before : So i was struggle the last year (2019-2020 ) my youtube channel has litteraly get only 100 sub in maybe like 8 month...
  2. T

    Adwords Stat dont Matched up with my blog stat

    Hi i just use adword to bring traffic into my wordpress blog, but what i found is the adwords stat is very different from my blog stat. something like, 2 visit from my blog stat, but in adwords its show 40 visit, idk what is wrong am i doing, So my question are, is it normal? and if not why...
  3. MrT131

    Post your OGAds month/day Stats

    Hey BHW, I’m looking forward to start again with CPA Marketing on OGAds. That’s why I need some motivation and want to see your stats. Thank you!
  4. I


    i signed up due to the fact that im hoping to find ways to improve my twitter statistics, hopefully i can learn from this forum :)
  5. LX911

    In-depth stats for a redirect page

    Hi, I have created my own traffic system but before I start selling I want to set up pages with stats enabled! How do I do that? For example - Traffic originated from example.php and redirects to SITE now I want to know the traffic by keeping a stat in 'example.php' how do I do it?
  6. C

    ## Pls Recommend Website Tracker

    I'm now using GA to track my website but it's hard to track which page that visitor clicks to external site (e.g. AdSense, Amazon, Kontara). I also would like to know which content location or which banner that generates click. Thanks for your help :)
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