1. N

    Whats The Reality??

    Hi, I found this site a few months back been reading for a while have only just signed up, LOVE IT btw can see some amazing ideas on hear, and love learning... But (and this is aimed with no hate) Most of what I see here is a resource for extra cash maybe 200-300 a month here and then in your...
  2. BMGUK

    Starting out from Monday, Advice?

    So my time has come to where I feel like I have read enough to go out into the world and start targeting my niche market as well as not doubt make mistakes and lose cash to start with. So I'm after a little advice to make sure I have not missed anything out. or going to make major mistakes...
  3. P

    Help, total newbie!

    Be kind... my feelings hurt easily :P I am completely new to this, although I did make 5 dollars last year on my personal site! I know it is very impressive! Ok, I set up a new site. It was an old domain that I had lying around. It is horrible as far as google search is concerned 15700000...
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