stable diffusion

  1. BullseyeZ

    (UHQ) Best Free Way to Run Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 on Every Single PC

    Hello and welcome to my first written BHW tutorial! I think that it's a good think to help the world, so that's why I share my private method and notebook. Today you will learn how to use Stable Diffusion for free on the best Google Colab alternative. This method is very good for people who...
  2. W

    Hiring a Stable Diffusion Engineer to create content (Part Time)

    In need of an engineer to create pictures and videos for models to use on Tik Tok, Reddit, Twitter, Insta and OF. I have two models who are no face so if you are also able to face swap then we can discuss that as well.
  3. BullseyeZ

    Best way to get views/impressions, likes and followers

    Hello, BlackHatWorld users! I'm an AI Artist with an experience of over a year in the AI Art Generation field (with Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Dall-E etc.) and recently I created 3 social media accounts to showcase my artworks (1 on Twitter, 1 on Instagram and 1 on Reddit). Started posted on...
  4. A

    What's the best platform to monetize AI girl content ? (Onlyfans, Fansly, Patreon etc.)

    Hey guys, I created a very realistic AI girl, I'm gonna release the content on multiple social media platform + nsfw content on adult platform but I don't know which to choose because of verification ID etc. I think only fans doesn't allow AI models anymore, so do you know which platform would...
  5. tunks

    ✅[Course + Workflow] Make Money with AI IMAGES - ⚡ Build passive income ⚡ - ❤️ Copy my workflow ❤️

    This course will guide you on how to generate images with AI for stock image websites. The cool thing is, stock websites bring the customers to you. All you have to do is to upload the images and that's it. Sales will come in automatically, with no need for customer support, ads, or marketing...
  6. noellarkin

    AI Hype is starting to lose touch with reality

    I used to like Emad (the guy who made Stable Diffusion), but these guys (as in the AI evangelists) are really reaching now. He confidently stated (on the Peter Diamandis podcast - - btw Peter Diamandist is a futurist entrepreneur who somehow doesn't seem to know that OpenAI and ChatGPT are the...
  7. J

    Generating custom NSFW embeddings and pictures in stable diffusion - Where to sell services?

    Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster and I have a question, hoping maybe someone out there has some guidance for me. I have recently been working with Stable Diffusion, specifically creating Textual Inversion Embeddings based off of real people (myself, friends, etc). These models allow...

    ChatGPT, Dalle-2 and other AIs: How to Use Them for Marketing, Analytics and Programming

    You must be a hermit or a loner if in 2023 you haven’t heard about neural networks in general and ChatGPT, Dalle-2, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion in particular. Amazing developments from OpenAI and other Big Tech allow users to generate images and text responses to almost any request in real...
  9. Guntater

    Video to Video Generation Coming from the Creators of Stable Diffusion

    Runway Research develops AI systems for image and video synthesis. Gen-1 is a video generation technique that can turn any video into a new, compelling piece of footage through various modes like stylization, storyboard, mask, render, and customization. Users prefer it over existing methods for...
  10. JohnH8Man

    Getty Images is suing the creators of AI art tool Stable Diffusion for scraping its content

    Getty Images claims Stability AI ‘unlawfully’ scraped millions of images from its site. It’s a significant escalation in the developing legal battles between generative AI firms and content creators. The lawsuit marks an escalation in the developing legal battle between AI firms and content...
  11. Deadlight

    ✅ NEW METHODS ✅ Make money on Youtube with AI if you have $0 budget

    Method #1: Illustrated AI Stories We can do what this channel is doing but better. Go to Reddit and scrape stories from popular subreddits. r/writingprompts r/nosleep New writing prompts are posted 24/7 all day...
  12. noellarkin

    Assembling A PC To Run GPT-Neo/J, StableDiffusion and OpenAI Whisper - Specs?

    My laptop won't be able to handle any of these, so I'm wondering if it's a good idea to assemble a PC that has the horsepower to do the following: 1. Run one of the smaller GPT3 alternatives (of course its impossible to run the larger ones locally without a TPU) 2. Run stable diffusion for image...
  13. T

    Making money with Midjourney

    Howdy ppl! Asking the brilliant minds here - do you have cool ideas for monetizing Midjourney or any other AI art platform? Would be happy to hear your thoughts :) Thanks
  14. Followlix

    [Tutorial] Generate UNLIMITED high quality images using AI for FREE - Stable Diffusion

    I'm a big fan of AI, especially when it's used to help with easing workload or as a source of artistic inspiration. We are all aware that there are numerous tools available for AI image generation, the two most popular of which being DALL-E 2 and MidJourney. DALL-E charges $0.13 USD to...
  15. QuietZorg

    Using AI or UnrealEngine to step up your IM game

    Are you? I'm interested in peoples thoughts on the topic of merging IM with AI and UE. Preamble: I know that people are using AI to generate written content, and have been for years. And of course, companies are using UE to make adverts and product images and so on. I'm specifically talking...
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