spotify playlist

  1. yaggaaa

    Spotify Playlist 5K+ Followers. How To Monitize It?

    Hey guys, i need some tips / advice. I've grown a spotify playlist (Lofi music) to 5K+ followers. I've used ads and instagram story promotions to build it for the past months. What are the best methods to monitize the playlist? I've been getting some messages on Insta for "pay for placement"...
  2. afromanic

    I am looking for NON-DROP spotify PLAYLIST followers for multiple playlists

    Hello. I am looking for someone who can provide me NON-DROP Spotify playlist followers. I DO NOT WANT ANY DROPS. I NEED A TRUSTED PROVIDER. I have multiple links so I am also looking for a discount on about 50 different playlists. NOTE: DO NOT BOTHER MESSAGING ME IF YOUR SERVICE IS KNOWN TO...
  3. A

    [Wtb] adding song on spotify to playlists

    Send me your pricing
  4. A

    Anyone doing Spotify automation to promote artists?

    Hi all I want to know if anyone uses automation to for Spotify to promote artists? Can automation with bots improve stream counts and monthly listeners? What do you do with playlists? I have clients who are asking for playlist automation. Any provider? Have anyone done that? Thanks!
  5. Dero95

    Spotify Playlist's Stream Boosts

    Hey, I just want to know if there are services like the one for SMM panels that give stream analytics for a specific track from a single playlist, so an artist can see if stream is coming from that specific playlist (with analytics).
  6. Aon

    Spotify Playlist Empire!

    Hello BHW, semi new to you & thought I’d reach out I am looking for someone who I can hire to provide me weekly/monthly Spotify playlist steams to my desired playlists. These streams must be T1 countries but preferably US, and if we can get state specific that is a huge plus. I can provide...
  7. blockhetwarld

    Deliver Spotfy plays from playlist

    hey everyone, i'm doing a spotify campaign and I want a song to receive plays from a certain playlist. so when the artist check "plays source" they get the playlist I mention. and I also want some organic promotion for the song. so that the artists sees organic sources of plays to his song...
  8. bookingsjgoode

    Spotify plays

    Who can send or direct me to someone who can perform the service. I'm a businessman first so I need everything to be authentic and eligible for royalties for myself and my artist. WE ALSO DONT NEED OUR ACCOUNTS BANNED! I need around 100k-500k streams a month for a good price. I would like USA...
  9. Basileuon

    Someone to help me on Spotify

    Hi all, I need support to create some BOTs for Spotify play. I want to bost a certain artist and playlist. Can someone help me? tnx
  10. Saroj SEOGuru

    200 Free Spotify Plays

    Hi, Exclusively for BHW users! FREE 200 Spotify Plays Availability: only for JV or other users with 100+ posts only 50 Orders will be accepted Conditions: You have to reply the thread & send a message...
  11. tompots

    Need Suggestions - ★ Spotify Bot ★ - Software Development - $$$ Need Spotify Money Markers $$$

    Hey guys and gals, I started development of a new Spotify Bot today and need your help. After going through Spotify with a detailed eye it became clear that I may need some suggestions from any Spotify Money Markers that may be here. Here is what I'm looking for, if anyone here has anything...
  12. Mary Herrington

    Looking for Spotify Promotion!

    Hi! I'm looking to get a song placed on Spotify playlists. It has ab indie pop/electronic vibe. Does anyone own playlists that can do placemement? Thanks!
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