1. P

    Need help to send myself a spoof email

    I need someone to help send a spoof email to myself. Need the from email to appear from a certain sender and reply email to be the same. Subject, content, font, sizing and signature within email will be provided, I just need you to send it to my personal inbox. Nothing illegal. I found some...
  2. bunnelld750

    What is best tool for spoofing

    What is spoofing and how to use it
  3. Adam3243

    How do you spoof location without app detecting?

    Context: I currently work for two food delivery companies. I like to spoof my location after every delivery & place my location where all the restaurants are at so I can get delivery offers while I'm driving back to the main area with restaurants. However, one of these apps is able to detect if...
  4. 1536758

    Hello, Black Elite

    Hello, Black Elite. Mainly involved in Networking from 2015 or earlier. It started innocently with a certain DNS amp and now I'm fighting on both sides of the firewall. I am currently developing some interesting projects. Hope someone else remembers FBI Christmas :)
  5. Anni87

    How to mask my MacBook's MAC address in front of Facebook?

    This is for the tech pros: I got myself a new MacBook Air which I will use to run a friend's Facebook Profile on it and ads. I need to mask or change the MAC address of that new MacBook Air because Facebook knows that device already and it had a banned user on it. So I want to start new and...
  6. Alex0808

    Phone number spoofing

    What app/ service provider you recommend for phone number spoofing for calling and texting ?
  7. F

    Looking for someone who can setup spoofed domain through xampp

    Im looking for an expert in the setup of a fake domain that could be visited outside lan on xampp server.
  8. tvm77

    Profile Manager - Manage Multiple Accounts Easily & Safely

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  9. M

    Hide/Modify/Spoof User Agent sent to Google/YouTube

    I am using Internet Explorer and am restricted to this browser for programming reasons. Does anybody know how I can modify/spoof my User Agent to make it more generic and less unique to my computer so that I can hide my identity more from Google and YouTube please? I still need to tell Google...
  10. Digital Dark

    When searching through outlook emails i get this?

    So ive had some strange stuff happening to my email lately and notice now i have a code under contacts name? Probably nothing but just curious because ive been paranoid after some serious phishing getting through my spam lab. Looks like a rich text format but strange it is showing here.
  11. EmilioGC

    What is better for spoofing your location, a VPS or a proxy?

    I have to spoof my location because I'm going to be working in a remote job that requires me to be in Pennsylvania, USA. I have two options, a datacenter VPS located in Pennsylvania or a dedicated proxy, which would be a better option? I feel like a datacenter VPS might look a bit suspicious...
  12. H

    Browser Fingerprinting and Spoofing

    Im running multiple accounts through Jarvee and I have multiple proxies on my browser but I need a way to make it look like Im logging in with a different browser as well as IP. They'll ban me if they see the same browser fingerprint on multiple accounts. What do you guys recommend? An...
  13. M

    HELP!Each time we get to the first page of Google, after only 24 hr's we fall.

    Hello everyone I’m new here and sorry if I missed some rules. I read many posts here, but didn’t find any solution for our problem. I think that anyone who deals with SEO should read this. Let’s start Our blog is from NSFW niche (affiliate) and it is online since 2013. One of our article was...
  14. F

    changing ip address and network hostname

    Hi All, Hopefully you guys will know more about this than me since i tried and nothing seems to be working for me. i was wondering is it possible to change ones ip to a chosen ip address for example and network hostname to host-2-102-37-251.as13285.net your help and advice...
  15. B

    Chrome Network Conditions

    Hey just wondering if anyone knows whether altering the browser fingerprint thru chrome network conditions is effective in spoofing the OS my device appears as?
  16. B

    Ad location spoofing?

    So as most know some countries-markets pay more than others Afaik the one that pays more is US, that is ads targeted at US users So I was thinking if it would be possible to spoof user location on a site and/or app so adwords and others will think the user is in the US even if its in say...
  17. P

    Use VPS to mimic mass Android/IOS devices so they appear to app devs as real distributed users?

    I ask some version of this question every year or two, and have yet to find a real answer. Like the tile says, looking to create the illusion of hundreds of actual mobile app users all across the globe on different networks, devices, etc. Spooffing should represent an average cross-section of...
  18. B

    Help needed in browser fingerprints, will reward handsomely

    I have learned that BHW is an absolute gold mine, but after everything, i have nowhere to turn but here. Please, can someone help me figure out how to defeat the browser fingerprinting of this site. I need it to recognize me as a unique user everytime i visit it. Trust me i have tried...
  19. J

    Free Spoofing (Google, Twitter & more)

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  20. J

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc)

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc) No ads & 100% free! Go to http://www.hidereferrer.com/