spoitfy bot

  1. H

    How to stream farm

    Hi guys, lately I have been taken interest in music stream farms, for now I have just been researching before committing to this quest, i really need some extra bucks but it doesn't look easy. I would like to know what it takes to create one of these farms, do I need to know how to program...
  2. K

    Apple Music and Spotify streaming farm

    Hello I want to start a streaming farm Apple Music and Spotify I’m starting with 12 family account and two duo accounts on Apple Music and 18 family accounts on Spotify I plan to run the Apple Music account on an android emulator: is that safe? with each android instance running on it own vpn...
  3. U

    phone farm/ streaming farm help?

    Hey BHW Community! I have been involved with streaming farms for about 1-2 years. Because I have little experience in programming. I tried it with a phone farm. meanwhile I own about 30 smart phones (iPhone’s). I streamed around 500 songs on Apple Music with these cell phones. 24/7 and after...
  4. T

    Spotify Farming Guidance

    I hope everyone is doing fantastic on this fine Monday! I am looking to begin Spotify Stream farming and have started planning how things will work/the startup and the ongoing cost to keep things running...I have 5 Artists with a catalog of 20 songs each (Albums, EPs, and singles for each), a...
  5. master of growth

    Farming streaming: spotify , apple , amazon & youtube

    Greetings Black Hat World community, I am here to introduce myself and express my interest in building a streaming farming system for popular platforms like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and YouTube. As a passionate and driven individual, I am eager to learn and grow in this field and welcome any...
  6. B


    I have a bot with more than 8,000 accounts that run on playlists despite running all day the next day it doesn't produce streams (I also noticed that they arrive from the live counter but as soon as it updates with the day's results they are removed). I've tried everything vpn, proxies from data...
  7. A

    Regarding Spotify Streams

    please someone suggest me best smm panel for spoitfy (royalty streams) and suggest me best option to use spotify bot or smm panel ?
  8. mona€o

    Good proxy for spotify/Apple music Botting

    Hey guys im looking for a good and reliable and cheap proxy that i can use for spotify/apple music botting. Im mainly looking for a residential proxy as i heard they are the best for this kind of activity. Open to all options! //mona€o
  9. Oreos Are Bae

    Need A Good Spotify Bot

    I need a dev that is making a lot of money from Spotify also so they understand how to use this and how not to be banned on Spotify if you think you can build a fully functional bot that bot playlist, likes , and follows please dm Budget 10k-15k ( can change if needed)
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