1. speedie

    Scrapebox for 1 million comment blast

    Hey guys, I have scrapebox laying around since 2019 and I feel like it's been under-utilized by me. I have premium VPS subscription also. Only used it for Name generation. Has anyone been successfully using scrapebox for comment blast like GSA? Iam interested. Do I need proxies to do that...
  2. S

    Automated site builder

    Hi, I'm looking for an automated website builder (not a WP plugin, ideally). To create splogs and doorway pages. 1000s of pages at a time, but 1 page - 1 KW, with the option to interlink, add pics, etc. Any suggestions from experienced people? Thanks!
  3. S

    The best content generator (for splogs, doorway sites, etc)?

    Hi, I need a smart advice re professional content generators (for splogs, doorway sites, etc). I mean some proper tool that can create thousands of pages. Automated. Without major footprints. Don't suggest WP Robot pls (and similar tools). I mean, the only real tool I know is shadowmaker, but...
  4. D

    WordPress Friends Feed

    Good day. I've just found interesting solution for bringing your WP blogs together. LiveJournal is a quite popular blogging platform and one of main features that make it so popular is a "friends". You can add people as friends to your account and read their posts in a single page. A lot...
  5. D

    Do you have a blog/spog network?

    Do you have at least 100 blogs/splogs? I want to embed my 100 YT videos on your sites. PM me please.
  6. S

    Backlink and Google Index 600K + links

    I need someone who is having success Google indexing massive amounts of lower level links. You guys know what I'm talking about. If I had the time I would create a small network and do it myself, but I have more money than time. Somebody on here knows how to get this done. Get in touch with...
  7. greyhatdude

    A Spammers network exposed on Reddit

    I'm an avid redditor. Have only dropped a link there once. Seeing someone elses network revealed there and posted on robtex.com/ip/ was sublime. It was a strange feeling, as a fan of reddit and a marketer, to see his network exposed. And yes, that is the first time I've used...
  8. J

    Legit news scraping sources

    Hey, First post here so hello to everyone :-) So I'm planning to build a bunch of autoblogs soon and I'm trying to keep it as whitehat as possible. What I mean is, I want to only scrape feeds with excerpts, no full posts, I want to link back with a "read the rest here..." and, this is...
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