1. A

    Need to find website adresses and emails (spidering/scraping gig)

    I have a major list of companies for which I need the website url, general email addresses and contact person (C-level preferably) details. Theres about 10k contacts in an excel sheet. Its a spidering scraping gig
  2. R

    *** Is it safe/good to ping/spider bookmarks for our Youtube vids ?

    - Hi BHW members ;) Sorry if I'm not in the good place. I would like to know if pinging /spidering bookmarks is safe ? I'm willing to hire someone here to bookmark my Youtube vids. This person (which is highly trusted here and an great expert as I can see) doesn't ping/spider the...
  3. Ramsweb

    Bad luck with Google crawl

    I was making some changes to my 6 page website and was having some trouble with my computer. I had an associate do some changes for about 30 minutes from his computer. He made some changes to the index file and "put" the file live for a few minutes to try it out. His computer did not have the...
  4. R

    Pinging/spidering bad for Youtube marketing ?!

    - Sorry if I'm not in the good place. A guy saied to me that pinging/spidering could seem unnatural to google eyes. I specify it is for Youtube marketing. I explain : - I make a video for a product and I send it on Youtube. - I bookmark my Youtube URL on some Bookmarking websites. - I...
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