1. Artist101

    Hello friends!

    Hi, I am artist101, one more newbie here! I know how to clone voices using AI (speech, singing, maybe even moaning haha). Let me know if you need something! Thanks for having me
  2. A

    Need video testimonial

    Hello, I need someone to record a video testimonial for my business. You have to be a good talker and actor (preferably native speakers)
  3. G

    How can I monetize a politically incorrect website?

    Hello, as everyone knows facebook, twitter and many more sites are filling with moralfags, no one can express a sincere opinion because he is expelled from the social network. I want to create a small site where a person can express what they think without fear of being socially harassed or...
  4. LordKrafty

    Spoke at entreprenuership event while traveling to Vietnam :D

    Hi have a happy day :) I'm from the US & spoke at a event on strategy & ppc marketing while traveling in Vietnam for 45 days. :) Enjoy & happy to help. :)
  5. azzz

    Post your favorite motivational speeches

    Hi, guys. I'm a fan of watching and listening to motivational speeches. Share your favorite ones with me. Without that shitty epic music in the background, please. I would love to see some raw speeches.
  6. Madruga

    The Greatest Speech Ever Made [MUST SEE]

    I strongly advice you to watch this speech from beginning to the end. Pause your music/radio, mute your TV, just sit back, relax, and listen to one of the most inspirational speeches recorded in the history that was given by a comedian named Charlie Chaplin (I know you heard of him) Prepare to...
  7. Maruk

    [Videos] Your Motivating Videos

    Post videos that motivate you in life, business, sports or anything else. Sean Walkers motivational speech. This basically describes life. pAJPPjGrU7g Will Smith, this guy is more on point than I ever thought. aaRqr7oQ2bo Personal thing. Mad respect for the dedication that it takes to develop...
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