1. M

    Which Platform to Spam?

    Which platform I can spam in order to get instant adult traffic?
  2. M

    Looking 4 Bot Developer

    I want a Spam bot that brings me immediate/ instant adult traffic. I will buy any already existing bot that is already functioning... Example Omegle bot/ Chatavenue bot/ YouTube Spam bot/ Reddit Spam bot/ Twitter Spam bot etc.... You can contact me on Telegram: @Free_english_247
  3. Hughhefnar

    Looking for a FB Group bot.

    Hello i am searching for a very good social media Tool programmer who can provide me a tool which: Input txt with X accs Auto Join groups after reached Y groups Start Group posting repeat I really hope you can help me out. I am willing to offer a good price for a bot that can provide me the...
  4. S

    $500 a month [Method] I've made a bot that posts comments on 100s of news articles in the comments

    I've created a Disqus/Facebook comment posting bot that CAN BYPASS THE ALGORITHM that detects spam. This took two years, and I've now had great success, this bot can post on 100's of news articles a day and drive tons of traffic. Per month I've made $500 dollars minimum with very minimal...
  5. S

    Need help gauging the price of my product

    I have developed a bot that essentially posts on news articles for a specific keyword, it can only post to disqus and Facebook which makes 42% of all article posting methods for news articles. The bot inserts a random . in all disqus posts to prevent it from getting duplicate restrictions, and...
  6. R

    Facebook spambots

    Hi everyone, Im new to this forum and joined because I am looking for a some spam bots. The facebook group I am apart of is looking for a specific audience and there are plenty of other groups with members we can invite. What I need is something that can message everyone on a groups member...
  7. M

    Buying a Spambot

    Hi guys, I hope I can find here some help. I was wondering why there is so many comments on youtube created by some bot and also on my local website there are comments from some cheap google translated text with one link so it means it can create backlink which is btw good for getting traffic...
  8. blackma

    I need a comment spammer and PM sender

    I need a tool like this for generic websites. Any good all round tools that can do this??:)
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