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  1. D

    Which is best Anti-spam plugin for wordpress?

    Hi Friends, I did not open my wordpress blog for commenting. But now I am going to open for all. Unfortunately, I got solid spam comment which are only targetting for grabbing backlink. I want to get rid of those all kind of spam comments. I want free plugin only because I am not earning any...
  2. F

    What do you gain out of spamming this forum

    Hi, I must be really bored to notice the amount of spammers on this forum but i dont seem to understand what do they gain out of spamming. they are not posting links but just comments so dont no the point in that. im seeing a lot of accounts which have been created this month with a lot of...
  3. P

    Wordpress Spam keeps happening

    I keep getting comment notifications on wordpress site even though i have comments turned off, any ideas or advice?
  4. V

    Comment on disqus work or not? Any tool to spam comment on this system?

    Hi guys, need your feedback. Pls help~!
  5. takeachance

    Blog Spam: Are You Confused?

    I am not sure whether to feel genuine pity for this guy or something else altogether but his responses really made me scream with laughter - start from the very bottom of the comments and work your way up!!
  6. H

    I would like to share wrote the words for comment spam...

    Excuse me my friends... This is my first thread. I just want to share words of special comment spam for newbie I would like to share the words for comment spam... Because I also often difficult to comment if use the English language ... because if the word Senior SEO, try not to use words...
  7. C

    who can recomment me a best comment spam softwear?

    who can recomment me a good comment spam softwear? The spam softwear can search comment and post auto, and can identify the identifying code auto.
  8. S

    How many comment backlinks perday...?

    Suggest me, how many comment Posting backlinks is best Perday, through "Auto Approve" Comment Posting... (to save site from google spam bot)...?
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