spam attacks

  1. J

    Span SEO virus on my blog - hundreds of fake url

    I am facing serious problems with a Span SEO virus on my blog. I have already migrated from a server, but there are thousands of ULR's indexed on google with links that were injected by the virus. How can I solve this? I need to remove all these url's from google. my adsense is showing...
  2. RandomX

    [HELP] Spammers stole my 2 years of hard work

    Spammers stole my 2 years of hard work by building bad links from porn sites, which i am not aware of. when i checked in the morning most of my top ranking keywords (head terms) in the first page went to 6th page and also dropped my DA. when i checked in a SEMRUSH tool, my site was linked to...
  3. WPWingx

    SPAM Attack on BHW

    Hello Blackhatters, For the last few days, I see this type of SPAM post every day. Seems this SPAM attack happening from India, because of the Phone number in every post. How to protect this SPAM Attack.? @Diamond Damien Sir, would you please take action against this continuous SPAM...
  4. BobbysBurgers

    Soft 404 Crawl Error Search Spam- what's the point?

    I was reading the post below by Zwielicht. I am curious what the point of doing this spam? Does it hurt their rankings? Or it like the analytics spam that goes on? Just an advertisement? Love to hear thoughts and theories...