1. M

    Problems met at the beginning of affiliate marketing career

    Hello everyone! :D I'm Jakub from Poland. This summer I've started my adventure with affiliate marketing and at the beginning, I met some difficulties. I would like to know the problems you faced at the beginning and you are struggling with at the moment. I wonder if I'm the only one who has...
  2. U

    I need help with .kvag files

    So my little bro locked hes family photos in .jpg format with some random virus online,they're currently been held in .kvag file extension,any hopefully good willed member help me out unlocking these,since these are only copies and i dont want to lose em up. Thanks in advance. -Ujak
  3. rajib123

    How to make money for easy

    Yotube make money for easy.. Only 10,000 views quickly.. But dont think easy money no one side, share to g+ your video then quickly 10,000 views..