1. G


    How good is Socinator when it comes to automation for Reddit and Instagram? Has anybody experience with them?
  2. Peter Turner

    1 Review Copy - Socinator -The Social Dominator- Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Linkedin|Reddit|Youtube|Tumblr|Quora

    Hello everyone, I am providing one review copy for the marketplace approval of my BST. Software Description : Socinator is the ultimate social media marketing software. With seamless, easy-to-use interface and powerful automation features, it lets you streamline your social media workflow...
  3. T

    Socinator best settings for growing followers ?

    Hey everyone, I bought Socinator 1 week ago, and I tried different configuration for growing follower with auto follow in manual config and automatic, but I'm not very satisfied with the results… I'm wondering what's your configuration for best efficient results with this software for growing...
  4. therp

    Jarvee VS Socinator. Which one is best?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a tool to automate my pinterest and instagram account. Which one to choose? Jarvee or Socinator?
  5. nelida kornilova

    How to Automate Quora with Socinator Bot or Any Bot Realed to It

    Hello I have just launched thread about want to reach $100 daily with quora and cpabuild here On that thread, i do all tasks manually So, i want to ask to all quora masters or any IM related to quora...
  6. nelida kornilova

    Want to Reach $100 Daily with Quora and CPABuild

    Hello This is my first time to show a journey with quora and cpabuild for about 5 months or so Firstly, i read this thread and i was really curious of how to earn money on quora with manual method or no bot required...
  7. xlighter

    What's your strategy for Instagram Automation?

    I'm planning to buy Socinator tool for Instagram Automation. Have anyone used it before? Are there any better alternatives to it? Since I have only 2 pages, I thought buying Jarvee/Custom tool would be too much. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  8. R

    Jarvee Expert needed

    Hello, I am looking for a professional user in automated marketing software like "Jarvee" and "Socinator" to guide and consult me about the benefits and limitations for different social media channels like Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and usage of different types of proxies...
  9. S

    Efficient alternative to Socinator & Jarvee

    exists some alternative to socinator and jarvee that works efficiently without burn server cpu resources and hasn't a lot of bugs? or also that works on linux I tried socinator: it has less options in some social platforms than jarvee & MP, and also is a lot of unnstable The most efficient tool...
  10. M

    Shopify Journey. Aiming for 2K a month

    Hello BHW, Little history about myself before. Around 10 years ago I started looking around on BHW when a classmate showed me the forums. I was interested and started doing CPA through Instagram (god banned a lot) and selling merch (using a public figures image) on FB. I made decent money at...
  11. azzz

    Help me out with Socinator Facebook Group Post Sharing

    Hey, I'm trying out Socinator. I've tried to publish posts from Facebook page to some groups, but somehow it won't let me do it. The message I get is "Error While Sharing On Groups - [https://groupurl]" and after my campaign says it's completed. I'm pretty sure I've set up everything the right...
  12. hima3d

    Is it the end of the instagram automation? Jarvee and socinator are now dead

    Hello, Since two months ago I was facing a problem with my Jarvee and socinator for instagram, until I got an email from jarvee to clarify this issue. I am posting the email here and i was wondering if anyone else has faced the same issue and what are the other alternatives? What to do...
  13. T

    Are there any decent IN-BROWSER social media automators?

    Wanted to use Jarvee or Socinator but both are download PC software. I can switch to a PC if necessary but would much prefer doing it in browser or find a Mac compatible program. I have my proxies ready to go. Any advice? Thanks!
  14. J

    Accounts getting banned even with Proxy IPs

    Hi All, I've been reading through the forums and searching the net and I can't find any answer. I used socinator and jarvee but I was not successful. My boss wants me to get 100 accounts to automatically like his posts and also sometimes control it manually. I assigned separate Proxy IPs for...
  15. F

    Massboting Pinterest To 100$ a Day and MORE

    After not succeeding with mass botting on Reddit I am switching to Pinterest. I hit several times a front page, but I wasn't able to convert into any affiliate sales and several times I got 1-10$ from Adsense on posts which have received 50 000 and more unique visitors. Well, most Reddit users...
  16. K

    Please Suggest Best Proxies for Socinator or Jarvee

    Hi, Looking for help to select the best proxies for Socinator or Jarvee automation. Thanks in advance.
  17. 7

    Instagram Followings scrape

    Hi, I am using Socinator for Instagram. Its has very good scraper tool, but you can add private whitelist. I need to do this. Today I'm testing GTM2. It has private whitelist, but I can find tool to scrape. I need to scrape list of users following and be able to add it to whitelist. Can I do...
  18. Peter Turner

    Socinator -The Social Dominator- Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Linkedin|Reddit|Youtube|Tumblr|Quora|etc

  19. sam.hunt0710

    Socinator - All in one Social Media Automation Software - Beta Testers Needed

    Hey Everyone, I am glad to finally announce the official Beta release of Socinator - A brand new ALL-IN-ONE Social Media Automation and Management Software. This tool is built based on our past experience and co-operation of some successful Social Media Influencers and Money Makers. And we...
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