social submitter

  1. D


    Okay so Bookmarking Demon and Social Submitter are priced about the same. Social submitter comes with 180 (upgraded from 160) bookmarking sites. And their high PR/Authority sites for the most part. The GUI/App is optimized for speed and ease of use with very little learning curve...
  2. mattblack

    social submitter 1.4.1

    Should i buy social submitter 1.4.1 ? I have Bookmarking Demon Whats best tool to use for example 100+ url's to submit
  3. S

    BMD4 vs Social Submitter

    I need a bookmark submitter :p So far there seem to be two that are supposed to be good: Bookmarkingdemon 4 and Social Submitter. I have a veeeery large number of sites I'd like to promote, so the most important aspect for me is ease of use and submission speed. Does anyone have experience...
  4. djlest

    Social bookmark submitter - any reviews?

    Hey guys i have found a new software or maybe not new but some of the respected marketers are mentioning it. its here: h**p://submitbookmark.c0m/ Anyone have any experience using this tool or better still anyone used it and know where it is on this forum? Curious to see if its any...
  5. L

    Social Submitter

    Hi Wondering if anyone has used this software and if so if you can give your opinion. It is being advertised on the socialmarker site for abut $150.00. Thanks for any help. Lellandra
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