social sites

  1. M

    What is the best auto like bot tool for any social sites?

    Please suggest me any auto like bot for social sites.
  2. B

    I think Im getting blacklisted! MYLIKES

    For the past 4 weeks my accounts on mylikes always get suspended just coming to day of them paying.So Friday I quickly flashed out old links and put new ones out and see how quickly they get suspended again on mylikes. I think my tumblr blogs I've always been using on mylikes have been black...
  3. bluey

    Can't Find Your Social Sites This Does it For You

    I found this a pretty useful little tool as it lists 120 social bookmarking sites and automatically finds your logins for them. They offer a service for creating a set of accounts for you on all this lot for 50 cents each but I am guessing some whizz kid could cut this cost down or create a...
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