social platforms

  1. sinner82

    Getting Dailymotion proft from ads or other ways with ready made landing pages I could arbitrage ?

    Hello there. Any way maybe you know where is possible to buy an Dailymotion accounts, which can be monetized with my own traffic according to their TOS ? I did had an account on Dailymotion like 7 years back in past with few thousands views. There was and ISP which have canceled email services...
  2. Anna Gray

    Facebook Vs Twitter

    When we use social platforms in any form either for social connection with family and friend or whomever, I found Facebook is more useful and more interactive but some people say it is wastage of time and Facebook is fakebook according to them, they prefer twitter instead. What are your opinion...
  3. D

    Huge list of all Web 2.0 Social Platforms

    Huge list that will keep you busy for days, if you let it :cool: Web 2.0?s Top 1,000 List - Everything 2.0 :fish2:
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