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  1. prey24

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    ORIGINAL BHW THREAD: CLICK HERE Ecomtancyweb brings the ultimate social media managing service to ramp your social profiles with high-quality content and graphics. Our experienced designers and social media content curators can turn your product/niche/service into high-quality eye-catching...
  2. prey24

    Ultimate Social Media Growth Service ⭐ Organic Growth For Your Social Accounts ⭐ Instagram ⭐ LinkedIn ⭐ Facebook ⭐ Twitter ⭐

    Ecomtancyweb brings you the ultimate growth service for your social profiles. Our service includes - Instagram Growth Service Twitter Growth Service Facebook Page Growth Service All your accounts will be managed manually by real people to ensure high-quality organic growth on your accounts...
  3. squinter

    Plurj Social Media Management Service | Let Us Help You Update Your Social Media Accounts Daily By Using Social Media Managers

    FAQs: Q: Are you going to handle the posting? A: Our Social Media Manager VA's will handle them for you. Q: How much time do you need to come up with some posts? A: We need at least 8 hours per day to make 2 posts per day. Q: What is your refund policy? A: Once order has been started, there...
  4. squinter

    Plurj Virtual Assistant Service - Super Affordable VA's For As Low As $245/Month Full Time

    FAQs: What payment method do you accept? - Payoneer, Paypal, Bitcoin Do you offer discounts? - Unfortunately no, our price is already one of the cheapest in the market. What is your refund policy? - If the Virtual Assistant is not able to deliver the task given during his/her first shift, we...
  5. prey24

    ⭐ Powerful LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service ⭐ LinkedIn Skill Endorsement ⭐ Personal Branding ⭐

    What are the Refund terms? If we failed to provide the service in the given TAT, we will refund or partially refund you. Ecomtancyweb is giving you an amazing chance to make your personal brand more recognizable on a platform that has millions of potential clients for your services. Personal...
  6. prey24

    ⭐Branded Personalized Content For Your Social Handles⭐ || Beautiful Designs⭐ || Researched Content⭐ || Relevant Hashtags⭐

    Ecomtancyweb brings the ultimate social media managing service to ramp your social profiles with high-quality content and graphics. Our experienced designers and social media content curators can turn your product/niche/service into high-quality eye-catching posts that your audience will love...
  7. N

    Looking for Social Media Accounts Manager [Insta & Twitter]

    Hi, I manage sports betting affiliate sites. To improve our social media presence, I'm looking for a social media account manager. Job tasks: - publish once a day on each Insta / Twitter - posts will promote our page and blog articles. I'll give you the content to promote, you produce post...
  8. Unlicensed420

    How can i make SocialMediaManagement agency better?

    So i run a small Social Media Management agency in India with about 4 active clients. I usually cover (including the one clients already have) all the relevant social media handles for growth and exposure. We are currently handling about 4 active clients, with everything being done manually...
  9. K

    Joined BHW to explore more about Social Media Marketing

    Hi all, I was searching for tik tok discussion forum in google and google showed me this website. And after going through some thread I am really thankful to google for landing me to this awesome forum. Now telling about myself , I am social media geek, having 6+ years of experience in this...
  10. G

    How can I safely manage 10+ accounts

    Hey, I hope you are having a good day :) I have been growing Instagram pages and selling them for the last months. I have been managing around 8 accounts with the same device and same IP address. These past 2 months I have been having some problems with Instagram and I believe this is because...
  11. A


    Hi guys, I am new here but looking to learn and build a network of; - SEO experts - graphic designers - video editors - content writers - Social media managers ... that can assist our clients. Look forward to learning and connecting!
  12. A

    We wanto to hire social media manager and promoter (+article writer)

    We are looking for social media manager. Because we have a tiny budget for all things - at first time we will pay in tokens but after 1-2 months we will pay full in dollars. Because of this we will pay in 2 times more than usual payments from other projects. We are ready to work transparent...
  13. Olivier Gracia

    Looking for a social media manager

    Hi, I'm looking for a social media manager for 2 online shops that I run PM or ogive1 where you know
  14. Stuck48

    [Hiring] Instagram Growth and content creation

    Hi. I am looking for someone that is good at organically growing Instagram accounts with targeted followers. I will also need ongoing management and content creation. This will be for 3 accounts. Niches are loans, fitness/diet and make money online. What i need: - Followers growth - Content...
  15. Kerri Jean

    HIRING: Social Media Manager (Facebook & Instagram)

    Good day! I am a photographer looking for a social media manager. Account type: Photography: Conceptual, Fine Art, and Portraiture Job requirements: - Posting one image per day on Instagram - Posting one image per day on Facebook Page For each post: - Gain interaction (likes AND comments) -...
  16. Final Boss

    I need a JOB - sos

    Hey guys, I was recently let go from my job managing my friends facebook page, he had a contract with who recently told him they only wanted to see their articles on his page, meaning no mylikes and no money for me. I've been monitoring this forum for a while trying to learn...
  17. N

    ( Instagram ) Hire a Expert of FollowLiker Manager to grow my Instagram Account

    ( Instagram ) Hire a Expert of FollowLiker Manager to grow my Instagram Account I Need En Expert of Using FollowLiker in Instagram. ( With Pass Experience) I want to hire someone who create 100 sub-accounts to boost and grow my main accounts. ( With compatible computer requirement) Skype...
  18. S

    Looking hire a Social Manager

    Hi, i have 4 websites in spanish, and want hire a Social Manager that growth twitter, facebook and google+ followers/likes/votes I'm looking for somebody with good skills in software/tools for automatize the jobs, but DON'T WANT buy more than 5% of followers/likes/votes Thanks Jose
  19. B

    Social Media Managing

    Hi BHW, I really need some help here, I've been giving the task to be a social media manager for a start up SEO company, but because they have just recently introduced social media as one of their services, they are not really clued up on how the day should be spent or even build up a following...
  20. Y

    Social Media Expert

    I am looking to hire someone that is a Social Media Expert. Here is my criteria: - You must be regular poster on the Forums, to demonstrate your expertise - Be able to teach me all the various nuances of Social Media, as have been discussed in various posts - Basically know the various tricks...