1. SEOKrishna

    Copyright on Reddit

    Hey bhw I wanna ask if reddit is strict with copyright content? I wanna try the soccer goals method with adsense but im scared of copyright. What are the consuquences? And where should i host my website?
  2. O

    How to find the whatsapp numbers of football (soccer) players agents

    Hi all, I am a budding sports journalists. as some of you may know that many people in this world use whatsapp numbers to chat. I have the agents name but i need their whatsapp numbers but i cannot find it anywhere.
  3. C

    What is the best platform to use for website?

    I want to build a website that will consist of daily posts related to football/soccer and I plan to eventually launch a product once I’ve built an audience. Any suggestions on the best platform for this?
  4. Tongbestungsar

    Need Help Building Live Score / Free or Paid

    anyone know how to create livescore website like this one ? or need help asap
  5. O

    World Cup Affiliate website ? Anybody have ideas and tips on how to make money?

    Looking to setup a World cup Affiliate site for the upcoming event. I've read places that even mentioning " worldcup " in a domain might get you sued by fifa. Also given that it will be a highly saturated market ! i was wondering if anybody has tips to share. Is it worth it? Or should i just...
  6. bestspinner

    Betting for account upgrades

    Hello guys, so i wanna do sports betting challenge and i will use profit from winning bet to upgrade my account. I want to started this with $100, and hope can win and earn at least $97 to upgrade my account to Jr. VIP Here are some match that i want to bet (today), i'm still not decide it yet...
  7. UpwardDescent

    Italy - England | Who will win?

    Thinking about putting down a larger bet on one of the teams, but I'm uncertain as they've both played as "good". Who do you think will win the cup? PS Wasn't able to find a thread with a poll so hopefully this isn't the 100th thread on this that I'm now opening.
  8. I

    I need someone who can make IG Posts for me in Soccer Niche !

    Hello I need someone who can male posts on my accounts in soccer niche. Especially about Liverpool FC. Transfers, news, what the coach said afer the match and such things. I would make some posts too, but i need someone who makes it regularly. There are many Liverpool IG pages which can be taken...
  9. manolo12399

    HIRING (MALAY) and (not Only) people that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post-English

    Looking for Malay speaking people that write very well and love FOOTBALL 1)1-2 person that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post in your native language, work on social and work together with a team of SEO. We provide contract and salary paid monthly, this is a full time job 5 1/2...
  10. R

    Making money streaming soccer

    Hey so I've been thinking about making some money streaming soccer, here's what I've thought so far, if y'all can give me any advice that would be great. I have a twitter account with 42k+ followers that's soccer related that I'd like to get advantage from. I have not monetized it for a long...
  11. manolo12399

    Looking for people that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post-Malaysia-Chinese-Laos

    Looking for Native Laos people, Chinese people and Malayan. 1)1 person that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post in your native language, work on social and work together with a team to SEO, following instructions. A freelance is needed, but need to have time to work fulltime, this...
  12. Proevolution11

    Pro soccer-basketball bets

    Does anyone suggest a website shares nice advices for the soccer or basketball matchs? I need an urgent money and wanna gamble with a lil budget to get something
  13. S

    Is my page profitable?

    Hey guys, I acquired an instagram account awhile ago and I dont want to keep updating it. I tried to make money off of it but it didnt work. I have someone willing to pay $180 for it. Should I sell or keep it, or sell for more than $180? Page is @footyforce Thanks!
  14. A

    money making with soccer highlights

    I have seen few channels making huge with sports highlights especially soccer high lights I've tried lot of ways finally capable to upload match highlights but am not getting any traffic How to drive traffic for my channel
  15. Lotgenoot

    [Journey] [Football/Soccer] Sports betting journey [long-long-term] [Draw Strategy]

    Hello everyone, My name is Lotgenoot and I'm from the Netherlands. My English is not very good, but I hope I can improve my English with writing this journey. First of all this is not an IM journey, but a sports betting journey. I don't know of this is allowed on BHW, but I saw some other...
  16. L

    Real/Atlatico Madrid - Help Pre-book UEFA final ticket....

    i need group of fans who can help probook the UEFA 2019 Champions league final ticket on my behalf. I can tip you for your effort but, willing to payment a maximum of $150 - $200 if you are selected among the lucky winner's who qualify's for purchase/assign of the 2019 uefa ticket. I will take...
  17. B

    Need supplier for juventus black-gold Jersey

    I'm searching for rare juventus jersey if someone can help i'll be thankful
  18. LonelyTraveller

    Soccer Jerseys for Dropshipping

    Hello, I'm looking for high copy soccer jerseys. Can anyone hook me up to the supplier or any supplier present here? Thanks.
  19. MehdiBmm

    Where to get live streams for soccer?

    Hey pals, I am thinking about to start a football live stream website but I am wondering what source of stream can I use? Is there a service offering such thing? legally or illegally? I found SportMonks but they only offer highlights and scores but not live video of game...what do streaming...
  20. BuzzLT22

    My Instagram Journey for followers!

    Hey Guys. I start a new journey for a College football player and me. The idea is to create some instagram account on college football, soccer and NFL and try to reach between 500.000 and 1 millions followers One account will be for a friend of me playing college sport, the idea is to make him...
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