1. J

    Hi, guys

    HI, guys, I am John Cook, working on marketing for many years, first to join this site, nice to see you all.
  2. I


    Hi guys, i choose to be in this forum to learn how to buy perfect SNS accounts (fb,ig,youtube....)at a nice price and use them to make money. So if anyone can help me, please be sure to text me.:):):););););)
  3. Ivy Liu

    SNS issue

    Hi everyone, I have a question about SNS. Could two sites with different domains link to same SNS sites?(Facebook, G+, Linkedin, Twitter..),one site was built by Wordpress, and the other one is customized, I want the Wordpress one to be a blog for the customized one, please advise if it is OK...
  4. N

    how to hold an successful facebook event?

    Hello folks, Just wondering how to hold an successful facebook event ? such as giveaways or something else.
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