snapchat adult

  1. ziko12345

    [Help] snapchat + adult cpa tips and tricks

    Hey fellow memebers. I just started adult cpa but im not seeing enough adds. I have used wink and some other apps but no luck. Do you have any tips for me?? Any tip/idea is appreciated !!
  2. Sardi

    How to avoid getting banned on SNAPCHAT

    Hi everyone I am using snapchat as a traffic source on the adult niche bit i keep getting banned more and more fast , like I open an account within minutes its banned even without posting any content so my question is how to avoid getting banned or how to make it last longer ???
  3. SonOfBhw

    snapchat help

    Does anyone know how to post live stories in Snapchat from camera roll without Snapchat stating -posted from camera roll...minutes ago?
  4. M

    Adult Snapchat Packs to download

    Hi guys, i need some adult snapchat packs (pics videos) of unknown snapchat models. Does anyone know where i can download or buy that stuff? Thanks in advace, MJ
  5. T

    For all those who make : CPA Adult + IG (or SNAP)

    Hello all ! I started recently in the CPA Adult + IG and I am really motivated to have very good results. I am willing to work hard to reach $10 /day then $50 /day or more after. I would be interested in communicating with people who are also in this business (experienced or beginner) the...
  6. Y

    Whats the best payment method for snapchat adult ?

    Hello Im going for fake girl on snapchat and selling things but i had problem with paypal limited and im forbidden from using it again and was wondering whats the best platform to use? Since im not in the us and can’t use Cash App or Google wallet ? Any suggestions ?
  7. Y

    my first 100$ from crakrevenue CPA

    hey guys i just wanted to share with you my small experience and also ask for advice . so basically i only started a fake account got a load of nudes and videos ofc i removed the watermark , and started using those pic to attract people through forums and facebook to my snapchat i get above 1k...
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