snapchat ads

  1. dillywilly

    Snapchat ads increases its screen sensitivity and response ?

    does anyone else on here feel like every-time you get hit with a snapchat ad it somehow ends up on the advertisers landing page ? but when you're swiping thru your friends stories it doesn't seem to be responding as sensitive , is snapchat advertisers getting duped by snapchat? i know a handful...
  2. Chuchitas_009

    How can I make money with SnapChat and CPA in the adult niche?

    Well guys, I want to start Snapchat + CPA for adults, I would like to know how it could be started, if you could help me, just a brief explanation, thank you very much.
  3. G

    Please fix your rejected ad, Snapchat.

    Hello guys, I'm new in BHW and this is my first post, I do affiliate marketing and I'm trying to get one ad approve on Snapchat. I'm not trying to promote any offer (yet) so the campaign objective I chose was brand-awareness (thinking it would be easy to get it approved) I'm having some...
  4. B

    [WTH] A person who can approve CPA creatives/campaigns on Snapchat Ads

    Hi, I'm looking for a person who's familiar with running Snapchat Ads for CPA offers (not Ecommerce) and get them approved easily. I know how to use cloakers but I'm having a hard time to approve creatives/texts with their weird TOS. It can be either sweeps, email submits, dating or anything...
  5. investartur

    Snapchat Ads - Please fix your rejected ad

    Hey guys, does anyone work with Snapchat Ads? Any ideas on how to fix that? My landing page is a money loan offer from MaxBounty...
  6. Shashank shahi

    Poor conversion in snapchat ads

    I'm using snapchat ads for cpa and my conversion from snap swipe up to my lander is ~20%. I checked my hosting usage, analytics new user counts, and here are the results. Snapchat swipe Up: 3750 Unique IP request count in hosting: ~2100 Google analytics new user: ~750 What could be the...
  7. Shashank shahi

    Snapchat swipe up isn't converting!

    I'm running snapchat ad. And today I received almost 1k swipe up but my landing page counted 200 visitors (data from Google analytics). Is there something I'm missing or isn't correct? Please help
  8. Shashank shahi

    Snapchat ad on multiple account?

    In facebook, we can use 1 web link in 8-12 ad accounts till it gets blocked. Is this thing the same for snapchat or do I have to create new web link for every new snapchat ad account?
  9. vishy

    How To Use $100 Snapchat Ad Credit?

    Hi guys, I got a coupon for $100 Snapchat ad credit and I have never used it before. Does anyone here has some experience with Snapchat ads. eg How to get an ad approved - does it allow CPA offers - raw links ? My apologies for being a bit vague. Stay safe.
  10. T

    Snapchat Ads for E-commerce

    Savannah Sanchez shared a video in which she walks you through the build and launch phase of a Snapchat campaign
  11. T

    Snapchat Creatives + Campaign Set Up

    For those who are interested in learning Snapchat ad creative best practices and how to set up your first ads, Savannah Sanchez just did a webinar to teach all of the basics of Snapchat e-commerce advertising! Check here: Enjoy!
  12. starfox6692

    Any members have experience with Snapchat Ads+CPA?

    As the title says I've been looking into Snapchat Advertisements with CPA offers. Found a decent amount of info and just wondering if any of you have experience and would share some tips. I have a decent amount of CPA experience, just 0% history with running Snapchat Ads.
  13. T

    Snapchat’s Biggest Advertiser Is… TikTok

    According to MediaRadar, TikTok's ad spend with Snapchat quadrupled in a year. TikTok and Snap have very different products, but they're competing for the same eyeballs. Source:
  14. T

    Create your own branded Lenses with Lens Web Builder

    Snapchat is making Augmented Reality (AR) campaigns accessible to big and small businesses alike. This new ad format allows you to design and distribute AR-based ads using its new Lens Web Builder within Snapchat’s Ads Manager. It’s simple, quick and free for everyone to use. In addition, it...
  15. D


    Hi BHW! How to monetize snapchat pages with big audience without s4s and offers. I read some articles that snapchat payed for views as youtube. Maybe I can connect my snapchat account to snapchat ad and earn money from my stories?
  16. Azertber

    Social media marketing !

    Hello guys, Can anybody describe each platform with the best niche to target in ads ! Thank you
  17. M

    snapchat ads and affiliate

    hey Guys i have 100 $ on snapchat ads i want a recomandation please of some niche who works well please i dont have a lotsof money to wast in ads im totally brooke lately ,
  18. irakli_55

    Snapchat threshold/ coupon help

    Hello BHW members, I was doing for affiliate some methods: adwords, fb groups and same like things, anyone here know if snapchat has some coupons or is there any method to get some threshold, i can pay for this i dont need spoonfeeding, im new on snapchat, want to use it for business.
  19. Y

    my first 100$ from crakrevenue CPA

    hey guys i just wanted to share with you my small experience and also ask for advice . so basically i only started a fake account got a load of nudes and videos ofc i removed the watermark , and started using those pic to attract people through forums and facebook to my snapchat i get above 1k...
  20. Faceless Men

    How to use Snapchat Ads in India?

    I want to try snapchat ads but when I signed up for snapchat business account, there is no way to add a payment method like credit card or paypal. It only has an option called "line of credit" but i don't understand what is it. Is there any way I can use snapchat ads in india or do i need to...