So i am currently making 10-30$ per day

    I am making 10-30$ per day on snapchat and im woundering if anyone knows about a snapchat bot which can do the following task? add user -> send msg "0" -> they respond -> send msg "1" -> they respond -> send msg "2" they respond -> send msg "3" -> they respond -> block user
  2. Y

    how to get more views and friends on snapchat ?

    Hello so i have like 1k views per snap(adult) but i feel like its not enough since only 100 are active with my cpa... i usually use facebook groups to add those people and post myself but its like slow and not effective if anyone can give me tips where to find more traffic ? thanks
  3. dreamscrape911

    Does snapchat still can make money?

    Hello guys, I'm new here, I would like to know if snapchat can still be used to make money.
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