sms service

  1. mihai.hotca

    Thoughts of a sms verification service

    Hi guys, I have a few questions about sms services. Would anyone be willing to pay like 1$ / sms for creating gmail, yt, instagram etc etc accounts? I know there are services that offer sms activations for cheaper money but they often are overused and also because of being overused they are...
  2. cdn_craigs

    [HELP] Need a SMS Marketing Provider - for my customer list

    hi I have been emailing all my customers but since email open rates suck, i wanted to try SMS marketing as I have all their numbers which they opted into when purchasing my product. CAN ANYONE SUGGEST AN APP OR SERVICE FOR SMS MARKETING TO YOUR CUSTOMER LIST?
  3. Harazaki

    Simcard service code

    I have 65K simcard real phone numbers, please inbox your contact if you need them
  4. cojocusd

    How to Send SMS from "1831" number worldwide, unlimited free:D :D

    Hello guys today i;ll show you how to send free sms customized worldwide. If you need a service like that or if my post will help you please share with others:D Well here are the "process" !!! I'm not promoting any affiliate link or something that can bring me some profit so please don't reply...
  5. Awavekid

    Do you know of any SMS service for verification purposes that WORK?

    My problem is that I cannot find a working phone number to verify a email account with. I tried multiple apps on my phone - text free apps, etc and none of their numbers are working. I cannot ask anybody that I know personally for numbers since it's for business purposes. Story behind...
  6. S

    need testers

    Hey guys looking for people to test my new website, all i need to do is verify that you receive both text messages from the specified CALLER ID. I already have ALREADY tested the following countries: (I'm only looking for people OUTSIDE these countries). AUSTRALIA - OK UNITED KINGDOM - OK...
  7. A

    [Required] SMS gateway in India

    Hello all, I am from India and I am developing a online student portal in php for my institution but i got stuck in one thing. The thing is, i have built a announcement board where teacher can announce anything(by typing text there). I just want a sms alert system for the students so that they...
  8. snakeccc

    Need help with with soccer tips sms service...

    I start working on my site thet provide premium soccer tips . User must send sms on my service to get his tips. I have two profiles on Facebook with 4000+ real friends and my traffic from Facebook is 800+ a day. It is my method to make income and I dont scam people i analyse everything ...etc...