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  1. fmbaba01

    How to(who can) send cheap marketing SMS to Brazilian leads

    I'd been looking online trying to look for how or who can help me send cheap SMS to the Brazilian leads i have with me. I hope someone in this BHW forum knows this. I will appreciate responses and maybe inboxes. If you can provide this, please PM me ASAP.
  2. B

    How To Monetize 100.0000 US Cell Phone Numbers

    I'm open for all kinds of suggestions (creative ways of monetizing it, SMS Softwares, CPA's, whatever) If we get to a good solution - after I use it - i will share the contact list on this thread. chin-chin!
  3. S

    SMS Robot - Mass Sender - JV Wanted

    For the last 2 years I have developed a web based SMS marketing product. We have been incredibly successful on social media with it. I am considering opening it to a select group of power users interested in using it on a JV basis. There are currently 2 ways to auto respond. You can write a...
  4. wasif

    Web Based SMS Marketing Application

    Dear members and friends, I am developing a web based SMS marketing product and its been more than 8 months that my team is working hard on it. Its now almost at the final stage of development and we are giving it a final shape. Here I need suggestions what features and modules should I add more...
  5. goafata

    (WTB)- SMS Autoresponder USA Phone Number

    Hello, I want to buy Number with Auto SMS Reply . I need 1 number that able to send min 10000 SMS automatically. Need 100% Working Numbers. I want to learn setup too. I can pay for it. I am able to pay paypal & Skrill ...
  6. Whateverest

    [JV] My Autoresponders (SMS) + Your Traffic

    I am looking for people who has/can: 1) Post on Facebook groups in scale 2) Do mass following/liking on any social network 3) Has big Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat accounts/pages in hot girls niche 4) Has any other traffic sources where they can't post URLs themself What is your part...