1. D

    Sex shop / smoke shop

    I just started a sex shop / smoke shop on Shopify I originally was going to go with oreleo but decided to keep it in USA . I may split the two and have a shop for each ? Any suggestions ? Also any suppliers please email me looking for the lastest Quailty products [email protected]
  2. J

    Anyone on BHW Smoke ?

    I'm trying to stop atm... Also I can get free Nicorette lonzenges for those of you in the USA if anyone's interested just PM me... I got into smoking while I was in boarding school at around 13/14 and I really regret it... I smell, I'm always broke despite how much I earn at 17... but on the...
  3. Katarsis

    Cigar aficionados of BHW

    Well now, was quite surprised that there's no dedicated cigar thread here! I refuse to believe there's no aficionados among us, so stop hiding. I'm not a regular smoker myself (nor do I smoke cigarettes - never have) but enjoy a good cigar every now and then. Even my humidor's pretty pathetic...
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