smm panels

  1. I

    need VIP treatment at an SMM Panel that doesnt call me a cheater like JAP does and that actually allows the panel to work instead of sabotaging orders

    In the screenshot you can see jap admitting to me in there own way that the reason why all my yt subs and ig followers drop and why they cancel all my orders for reels plays and why they short me on spotify plays and why they sent me hundreds of thousands of extra plays to my songs on numerous...
  2. hyocca

    Which panel are you using and why?

    Pardon me if it is wrong to start a thread with such a question. It has been really challenging on my end, dealing with these panels lately. Even though they're getting several services from the same source, it seems like customer service and integrity has always been an issue amongst these...
  3. Joker King

    [HELP] Looking For Smm Service Vendor | Reseller

    Hey, i am providing SMM services since 2018. i am reselling services from my vendor. today, my vendor quit this SMM work now I am looking for a new vendor who can provide me SMM services at the best rates. & Good quality. I am reseller free to contact me. majority orders: Facebook, Instagram...
  4. P

    YouTube SMM Panels To boost your RANK?!

    Hey guys, I have one question. 1. Is there any way, SMM services, or some guys on telegram,... Who could give you views what can boost your rank = YouTube recommendations ( Audience retention, Impressions click-through rate,... the key metrics what boost your video to YouTube...
  5. M

    Looking for SMM Panel affiliate program, please message me

    I'm looking for a Smm Panel that offers affiliate program, I dont want to create a smm panel or work with API , just simply looking for a affiliate program that I can sign up for and receive a affiliate link, thank you.
  6. rocknrollchef

    Anyone Have Any Experience with

    Hello: I have tried several services advertising on here (not great), I'm still searching for a service that actually delivers on what is paid for - anyone here deal with this one? Or let me know if there's one you've used & like. thanks & let me know chef
  7. W

    Why smm panels have 500 services when 3/4 services dont work ?

    all in the title. We all know these smm panels are a joke but why moderators let them add 500 services when most of them never work as stated ? i'm not asking how they do this i can own a shit panel like this my self but how can they sell services that dont work ? services are never tested and...
  8. Shinichi Izumi

    After Instagram Disaster Strikes

    Recently the world of social media has seen a barrage of disasters: crack down on users who pursue “inauthentic activity” to boost an account’s popularity, SMM Panels crisis or even shut down. These events brought devastation to IM people and questions around about what are the alternatives or...
  9. harold johnson


    smm panels nowadays hurt your instagram more than it helps it, i would advise people to stay away from them, it seems that when i buy likes and views, it shoots my post to the bottom, its almost like they know that we are using these. what are you guys thoughts on this.
  10. beastkay

    Are there any new smm panels which can help me get instagram followers?

    Hey guys, was going through the forum and was getting attention by and lot of other smm panels but no body is giving reply on there chat support. So all I'm looking to buy some followers which can be used to increase the brand identity and help me get the attention. So anyone knows...
  11. colton kopacz

    Need Child Panel for Instagram

    Whats up guys! I'm looking to get my own child-panel to try the Mother/Child growth method for Instagram. Any solid recommendations on where to get started on BHW. (Purchase the panel) Also anyone want to recommend a solid VPS to use? :) - Thanks Guys
  12. siliboy

    Is this the end of SMM panels on BHW?

    I checked more than 7 SMM panels now on BHW and all of them are down "502 Bad Gateway" I thought it was something with my IP, but then changed it and checked it from elsewhere and they're still down. What's happening with them, does anyone have a clue? Are they going to be back, if not will they...
  13. M

    Reliable SMM Panel for Youtube monetization ?

    I need to get past the initial Youtube requirement of 1000subs and 4k hrs to get a channel monetized and was looking to get an SMM panel service to provide the views on a 1hr video I will be uploading for this purpose. Which SMM panel service would you recommend that is actually working as...
  14. C

    YouTube Subs and FB Post Likes/Reactions

    Hello guys, I was using some panels to get results, but since 1 week ago more or less, the situation is getting worse, because is not working properly for fb post likes and YT subs. So I need a person that can make it. I need for now 600 YT subs and 3k fb post Likes ASAP! Send mp. Thanks.
  15. J

    Any Nondrop Youtube Views Working?

    Hey I'm looking for a SMM panel that has fast delivery of affordable views that will NOT drop. Or at least won't drop much. I've tried quite a few different panels and I'm looking for one that works and will keep the views. Ideally 10,000+ views delivered fast. Anyone know of one that works...
  16. chrsplmr

    Are their any reliable USA IG followers anywhere?

    Hi everyone, Any one have this issue??? I have a small agency with 89 clients . Now , I'm sure some of you have dealt with a common problem . You have a client & their page is just under performing absolutely horribly & you want to give them a little boost BUT , do not want them to realize...
  17. Eikoms

    Help to understand how to use Smm Panels

    I have a small gaming channel and it has had an organic growth, but is very slow. I've heard that buying views in the SmmPanels helps a lot in that the YouTube algorithm shows you in the suggested ones. At what time of channel growth is it recommended to start sending views? How much is the...
  18. S


    Hello guys,how much would it cost to setup SMM panel and kindly explain what the money will be used for
  19. C

    are bought Youtube views working safely today?

    Hi, everyone. I have been out of Youtube for more than 2 years. Now that I want to come back I have been reading a lot of threads in these section to update myself about how things are working nowadays.. I would like to ask, after the big recent update, how're things going today? many thread...
  20. K

    How to be successful with smm panels?

    I understand smm panels pretty much do everything now a days weather its YouTube views, YouTube likes, subscribers, All the way to Instagram followers, likes, comments, and it also does everything for sound cloud... I have also seen smm panels be able to upvote Instagram comments or if you have...