1. 99lives

    Incredible Syndk8 scammer keep selling SEOLINKPRO - The software stopped being updated like 8 months ago. - It doesn't work and never did - The "support" system is down... and it has been for about 6 months Syndk8 team is not working on SLP, but they keep selling it. Those scammers have no limits, no moral. SEO...
  2. 99lives

    LOL, look at this post on the SEO Link Pro (SLP) forum

    Ok, one thing is that SEO Link Pro (or SLP) sucks, but they left the forum opened. You don't have to be logged in to see threads like this one, where buyers say things like WORST SOFTWARE EVER, I want my money back!,1161.0.html PS: they are gonna...
  3. Sume2

    My SeoLinkPro Review (SLP)

    Ok, I purchased the software like 7 weeks ago. I have done a complete test (I used a machine exclusively for it), tried all the plugins, asked in the forum, submitted tickets, talked to the developers... and here is my review: it sucks. Here is why: 1.- Seo Link Pro is developed for...
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