1. S

    How to Disassociate websites, to keep a Google Penalty on one from affecting all

    My firm has a large collection of websites. We also have a highly-effective (at least for now) black hat SEO technique. We have never been slapped or received any warning messages from Google. Our method does not work via link building or involve content, though we will be optimizing the on-page...
  2. macyzbor

    My first Google slap

    Hi I got slapped by Google for the first time, for a reason that escapes me. I bought a domain and after I posted 2 articles, I started to promote one article on a new blog farm that I have created a couple of days earlier, all of them had 8 articles on them with no external links. After this...
  3. macyzbor

    How to find Google slapped sites?

    Hi I am searching for google slapped sites, those that have PR 0. Is there a list with this type of sites or how can I find them? Also what should I do to get slapped by Google in just a few days?
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