1. Anub4

    Is it a good idea to start business on beauty products in 2021?

    Hi! I am from Nepal and thinking of starting online business related to beauty/skincare. It is getting popular more than ever since COVID-19 started. However, with the hype it has, there are lot of websites and social media pages who sell duplicate products. I have done a lot of research and...
  2. M

    Product trend of 2018?

    anyone, may discuss what about the product trends of 2018
  3. K

    Google Agency Account For Rent

    My name is Kylie and Im doing online marketing in Vietnam. My company does bussiness both on google and facebook. I’m running ads for some enterprises in USA, Australia, France, etc… Their spending accounts are no less than 5000 USD per day, why? Why do they choose my company as a partner? The...
  4. imGrej

    Looking for someone with a male model or womens make-up Instagram account

    Hi! I'm looking for someone with a decently big make-up or hot males Instagram account. The product I'm promoting is a women's skin-cream so the target audience is 15-25 yr old women Please reply below or send me a PM if you're up for the task! PS: this is a commision deal so your payment...
  5. I

    Skincare marketing, Design, Ownership.

    First off, this is my first post here. I am completely legit and will meet face to face to commence this deal. I also apologize in adavnce if this post may not be allowed, but after looking around, i think its a good fit with the site. I'm seeking a Marketing Guru, in the skincare sector! If...