site copy

  1. M

    Need site ripper/cloner.

    I need on regular basis site to ripp. I will provide you site to ripp and new domain to register. Willing to pay for domain, hosting cost + ripping and installing on new site. Slide change needed. That i will tell you once you PM me. PS: If you have cloaker and know how to cloak that is a plus...
  2. energizedmale

    I need a complete template exactly like this

    I need a template exactly like this [ recipes .in ] I have a domain and aswell hosting, waiting for the template, very appreciate if any one could help on this?
  3. A

    Anyone know of this technique?

    Anyone know of a site builder that operates like (blastxuan blogspot)? Google it, cool premise anyway
  4. T

    Someone Is Copying My Website and Getting Ranked!

    I designed software templates and sell on the internet. (Private Label) I then found a person bought my software and starting selling my design on their website. Now I see that they are ranking just below me because they are using my page titles and keywords on their website. I am completely...