1. H

    US Bulk SIM cards / smspanel

    Hey, So I need US numbers for verification for a Tinder Bot. I've been trying to find a working smspanel for a long time but I've figured there really isn't a good one around. So I've realised the only solution is using real sims. If you do happen to know of an actual working smspanel that...
  2. elementallyill

    What's the secret guys? How to use sims for PVA!

    I live in Canada and have been looking for sims that I can use for PVA accounts. Every provider requires credit cards or an address for the country of origin UK (3 Network, they also want £10 per activation for some texts) or US (USMobile) just to activate! In Canada the cheapest activated sim...
  3. Mr.jok3rpk

    Need Sim Provider In pakistan Pm me your best rate and Quantity ASAP

    Dear BHW members, i need sim provider in pakistan, i need sims in bulk amount if you have any contact pm me ASAP.