sim card proxy

  1. Iron Sheik

    Where To Buy SIM Cards And What Kind Do You Need?

    Hey Black Hat World, Do you guys have any suggestions for where to buy SIM cards from for the purpose of verifying accounts? I see some a lot of them and I am overwhelmed. Is there a specific type that I will need to buy? I would like to hear your guys' input and experiences.
  2. D

    PV by SIM cards in other country

    Hello. I'm new to growing IG accounts by Jarvee. Just started a week ago and got some first bans today. I use 1 proxy per account and SMSPVA phone verification service. I had my limits, filters and posts set carefully but turns out that's not enough to stay safe. I've seen some threads where...
  3. O

    Cell Phone Proxies??

    I was wondering if anyone had info on using cheap cell phones and their SIM cards as proxies. Any one else heard of this or know anything?