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  1. bossofthebosses

    What Can I Put In My Signature?

    As a Jr VIP, what are the rules for signature links? How many links are allowed? What can I link?
  2. C

    Sig Space Renter Wanted => Payment Via Leupay

    Need a senior Member who is interested in renting his BHW Sig. Space for 15 or 30 days. Pls, send price quoation via PM. Method Of Payment : LEUPAY ☞NOTE: i should be able to place both link & banner on these space Thanks
  3. C

    Make Some ash Renting your Signature Space

    The tittle say's it all. Make some 💶ash by displaying my banner and url on your BHW sig space Please, no multiple link's or banner on your signature link if, i'm paying for the space i,think there should be no competitive with other ads My Budget is $20 per month I can continue with the...
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