1. J

    Free Working Packets for Sick Submitter?

    Hello Blackhatworld Forum members, I have bought Sick Submitter for a few months, but I cant seem to find any good templates to test it. The default packets which come with the program are very bad and most of them have not even been updated for more than an year. Can anyone recommend any free...
  2. S

    Sickkk Songg for all you Black Hattters

  3. B

    sick marketing

    Fellas- I tried to go to sickmarketing and it looks like GOOG says its "badware." Has it been like this for long. I was looking for an update.. Thanks!
  4. K

    Sick Submitter Help

    I am on a trial and I am attempting to use the Article Submission with one small problem... the "Open" button for importing a site list is grey(inactive)... so i cannot click it... anyone know why this would be? Thanks in advance.
  5. H

    I am back from the dead

    For those who noticed me gone, well done, i have been away cause basically i couldnt even concentrate on the computer, nor look at a screen, i had/have glandular fever/similar illness/sickness, and have been taking a little time off. But now that im back lets SUPER boost our forum back to the...
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