1. erickishere

    ShopperPress add to cart not working

    Hey guys, I've been searching for an answer for this particular problem. I'm trying to add a product into cart and its not working on shopperpress theme o.0 Does anyone know how to fix this? :) thanks
  2. wooSj

    Shopperpress Amazon store

    Hello, I am creating a shopperpress store with amazon affiliate products. Now I got a problem, when I'm importing the items from amazon into my own store, there are some ads that are not totally fitting in the place where it should be. ( sorry for my bad explanation ) Anyway, now there are...
  3. crashdi

    Shopperpress Alternative

    Hi, Do you guys know any good shopperpress alternatives (amazon affiliate theme for wp)? I do have very good result with this theme, but want to try others as well.
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