shopify spy

  1. Chokhmah

    Spy Shopify?

    I'm starting at a store on shopify. Could you inform me of any spy tools available here? I've been researching, heard about My Ecom Spy, but I can't find
  2. R

    SHOPIFY PRODUCT RESEARCH. Strange traffic for this store via blackhat??

    Hi while i was doing some research for winning product. I came across this store which ranked 60th on shopify ip address. this is obviously a dropshipping store. I'm wondering if this store does some blackhat method to get the traffic? Personally, not only the store doesn't look...
  3. sam.hunt0710

    Cool Tricks to Spy on Successful Shopify Stores - Video Series

    This is first video of a series of videos I am gonna make on spying successful shopify stores and get some great product ideas to make some dollars via dropshipping. This first video is about a store which promotes via video views, no links in the video post. I reverse engineered the ad...