shopify seo

  1. khaledbaddez

    Will my store get found with Shopify’s SEO?

    Will my store get found with Shopify’s SEO? while searching about this i found that many experts tend no to rely on seo services that shopify offers So guys what you think ? does any one of you got ranked with a shopify store ??
  2. DigitalDope

    Successful Shopify SEO's, any tips?

    Hey everyone, Recently I've been getting heavily into Shopify SEO. White hat of course.. I started with the basics and overhauled all of the copy on the products, I did all the meta descriptions and titles on the pages, collections and products. I even did the alt data on the images. I saw a...
  3. doctorhm007

    Is this Normal?

    I found a niche for ecommerce that is dominated by shopify sites that are newly created (a year or so). Here are some of their link profiles: Site 1: Site 2: Site 3: Site 4: Site 5: Site 6: Site 7: What do you think?
  4. T

    Shopify SEO Possible?

    I have a shopify ecommerce store and wanted to know if it is possible to do SEO for the site? I use my own domain which I think is forwarded to my shopify domain. Any help would be appreciated.