1. See you vader

    Paying someone to do Facebook Ads for you ?

    I've seen so many dropshippers struggle with doing advertisement . Why not pay someone else to do it for you (fb ads and google ads)? Can you do it for cheap, how cheap ? Will they get you good results ? Experienced people, you are summoned.
  2. See you vader

    Paying Ads with Transferwise ?

    I receive payments from my online store to my (personal) Transferwise account. Can I pay FB or Google ads with Transferwise ? Or transfer that money to Payoneer and use that to pay the ads ? Note : My account is personal and not business, I do not have the Transferwise card.
  3. R

    Anyone use shopicard?

    Has anyone used shopicard with success? I purchased a FB ad account from them in July and they sent me a VCC instead. Support won't respond to emails. Are they legit with bad customer service or just another scammer?