1. Loman

    Who has the best course on Print on Demand Business and Facebook ads?

    Title says it all.
  2. Loman

    What is a good alternative to Teechip pro to build brand store?

    Where I can create a custom apparel store with my own domain and the website/company handles payments, printing and everything like Teechip pro?
  3. K

    Reddit Ads

    I have merch informer and I was reading an article on there about using reddit ads to sell amazon shirts. Their were a couple of people who said their ads got rejected and affiliate marketing is not allowed. Should I be scared to try this using my own amazon and or shopify product? Is there a...
  4. K

    Costs of developing a WordPress poll & funnel plugin

    Hi guys, I was looking for a solution the past days, but I can't find an affordable solution that just meets my requirements. Woobox has a nice live poll function but costs too much. I wanted to create a poll for my shirt designs I am trying to sell (POD like Teespring & Teezily). I want...
  5. antichrist

    Teespring Amazon Integration - Zero Cost Startup Guide

    Quick Note: I have been quickly scaling my Merch business over the last year and myself and my business partner have cleared hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last 12 months. I wrote an insanely popular thread here...
  6. L

    Scaling Online Shirt Sales?

    Hello all, First of all I should probably say that I'm not entirely sure that this is the proper forum for this post. If that is the case, I would papreciate it if someone could direct me to a more appropriate section of the site. Back to the post-- I'm fairly new to IM, however I've been...
  7. I

    Looking For Funny T-Shirts or Novelty Items Dropshipper

    I am looking for a dropshipper that sells items like funny t shirts or novelty items. Basically items that have good potential to be sold online, reply to my thread and PM me if you know of a company and you are the dropshipper that sells these kinds of items.
  8. T

    Looking For Hookups - Starting Business

    Hey all. Brand new here, seems like a great place. Alright. Basically, I (along with a couple friends) am looking to start up a business. I am looking to build a trusting and long-lasting relationship with a wholesaler or drop-shipper. I'm going to be 100% honest; we are still working to build...
  9. Y

    wholesaler from Pakistan - custom printed T shirts + electronics

    Hello i am wholesaler from Pakistan i can ship you some of the following items NO Replicas and Fakes bcz they are not allowded here simple blank t - shirts or custom printed $6 per simple shirt any Colour with out collar $6.5 per simple shirt any colour with collar $9 per custom...
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