shiba inu

  1. ValerieMeshko

    Has the altcoin season begun?

    Hi all. At the beginning of the month, altcoins started to go up at a rapid pace. Is this a sign that altcoin season has started?
  2. reddogred

    Thoughts on the Doge Killer - Leash

    The price of Leash is crazy volatile, up from 3k to 4k USD just today. I have no doubts it will continue to run to see new all time highs beyond 8k. The total supply is only 108k, really low with tons of potential to grow with future utility on Shibaswap. Think this thing could potentially...
  3. shiboshy

    A Cool Anime (Naruto Inspired) ERC-20 Token (Uzumaki Inu) with low MC and great future plans

    The market is going up parabolic and I usually share interesting tokens early (such as Shib and Leash about a year ago). Well, here is something interesting for the Anime lovers as well. First of all I'd like to mention that this is not a financial advice. DYOR & NFA. Uzumaki Inu - I think...
  4. Maxim Fadeyev

    Taday's Crypto mrket in a nutshell

  5. CreativeDaddy

    How is shiba inu still going up?

    Well, I invested a couple bucks a few months ago and now I have a few hundred dollars profit there. How and why is that thing still going up, what's your opinion? Regards
  6. shiboshy

    Not again! Just purchased $4,792 Leash (Doge Killer) let's see what happens! [Shibaswap]

    Unlike my previous thread where I bought 10 coins of LEASH for $6490 making me a rough profit of $30,000+, the past 3 days I decided to continue the rampage and purchased ~3 more coins of Doge Killer (leash) for $4,792. Not a financial advice. Let's see what is going to happen and if I am...
  7. varun barve

    Long-awaited Shibaswap is released. Will this change things for SHIB?

    So, guys, the exchange shibaswap is released but there has been no effect on SHIB's price as of now but with time can this help SHIB? Wanted to know your thoughts on this! Considering how the exchanges uniswap and pancakeswap have grown in recent times can shibaswap do at least 1/10th of that...
  8. Nw_Work

    Why is SHIB suddenly rising in price?? Will it spike like doge?

    Any solid info/analytics and forecasts on this?
  9. GNews

    Shiba Inu Now Accepted by Another American Business

    Interesting. Shiba Inu is now getting accepted by more stores. People think this is impossible to go to .01cents but who knows USGoldBuyers is accepting Shiba Inu and this guy predicts 5 to 10 more businesses This store is not a big deal but it could be signaling for minds opening The...
  10. El Professor

    What is the realistic target for SHIBA?

    Going with the trend... AS PER DATA ? What do yu think?
  11. AuraMarketing

    WazirX listed on SHIBA INU and sold for USD 0.041 when actual price was $0.00002

    SHIBA INU was listed on WazirX on 13-05-2021. But there were fewer liquidity providers and more buyers. Buyers started bidding higher, sellers started putting higher ask price since the demand was high. So, SHIB INU was traded at INR 3 (around $0.041). Wish I were their liquidity provider...
  12. P


    Is anyone else excited about Shib? Bought $200 worth That's nothing compared to others I've seen who have thrown in thousands How much have you put in?
  13. shiboshy

    Elon Musk Tweets $SHIB - 50% Growth in 6 hours

    I started this thread yesterday. He tweeted recently and it grew 50% more. How far you think this can go? :)
  14. shiboshy

    Shiba Inu Ecosystem - Very Inspiring Whitepaper!

    Shibatoken is launching it's own Decentralized Ecosystem - Shibaswap. Woofpaper is out if anyone wants to have an interesting read & learn about the tokenomics: This no longer makes it only a meme coin...
  15. shiboshy

    Just spent $6490 to buy 10 coins of Doge Killer (LEASH) the Power of ShibaSwap, Sister Token of Shiba Inu (SHIB)! Let's see what happens!

    I have made some small gains from Ripple (XRP), Curve DAO Token (CRV), Chromia (CHR), Token (CRO), Swipe (SXP)... - I have shared them on the forum, clicking on it will lead to the posts, none of them dropped so far (only a few days dip and god recovery), most of them had healthy...