1. d1aco

    OGAds shaving or my fault?

    Extremely low sample, I know. Last week I was using CPABuild, where I had pretty low traffic but a really good CR I started getting more traffic and working with OGAds but now literally getting no conversions. What do you guys think? Shaving? Should I switch back to CPABuild? Should I keep...
  2. R

    Tired of affiliate networks shaving leads.. Any suggestions on this?

    Hey all, so I've been running cpl offers on Facebook for Solar installation lead form, I'm running these offers from 4-5 networks. But they seem to shave alot, they still haven't accepted even 1 lead and it's really disappointing and discouraging because I'm the one paying money to fb but in...
  3. Ente123

    maxbounty started to shave really bad

    a year ago i promoted the same offer on another network and i had a conversion rate between 8% and 15% but it got removed from that network and i found it on maxbounty in march i had 14% CR on MB then i took a break from CPA yesterday i had 238 clicks and 0 leads on the same offer :)) it s free...
  4. salamandras shaving sales

    after a long period using and getting few cents with a goog amount of traffic, I decided to investigate for sure there is a shaving problem ! i'm done signup with my credit card and no conversion is added in my MEDIAHUB dashboard ! this is offer dashobard this is email...
  5. A.Nacereddine

    My newbie cpa journey started well as hell

    Yo, what’s up guys. I’ll be sharing with you an experience of a week with youtube/cpa journey. I took a long time learning and reading here in bhw and others forums. today I decided to share some experience with you guys. I started with blackhat niche and uploaded videos on youtube until I ve...
  6. beastkay

    Let's talk about adult marketing networks, CrakRevenue v/s Adverten v/s Lospollos v/s iMonetizeit

    Porn reupload method is really really old some of us thinks that it's adrian method but some of IM guys says he just copied the method from someone else and I'm not getting his name on my mind right now, if you know the name do let everyone know. But whomsoever made or built the method that guy...
  7. Internet-Marketer

    AdWork Media Conversion Rate

    I have seen very good offers in AdWork Media but when I push laser target traffic like paid traffic it doesn't convert. Maxbounty offers convert with same traffic source. How you guys converting their offers? Btw I don't use content locker. I prefer individual offer! Anybody have good success...
  8. Luca Jones

    Chaturbate Shaving Or Registrations Not Showing Up?

    Hey guys, Anybody working with chaturbate is seeing a difference in the last couple of days? I just seen a HUGE drop of income and not only that, even the registrations now. Now I know you may say something like ''could be the huge whales are not spending or people are not signing up'' but I...
  9. WikiLeaker

    Why put in so much work when you could be getting fucked over?

    From what I've read across a number of forums online and reviews of affiliate networks, It seems to be fairly accepted that shaving/scrubbing is just part of the reality of CPA. I understand EPC are likely to be reduced when its BS traffic being sent and to protect from BH methods but it feels...
  10. MileUnderMedia

    BHW Needs A CPA Network/Offer Reviews Section Like Yesterday!

    Have you ever ran CPA offers which just shaved you badly or ran offers which were just all around awesome and wanted to talk about them? I know BHW has the CPA section which is great, but what about a sub section which is to be dedicated to reviewing CPA offers and maybe networks themselves...
  11. brandowafflz

    Solution for OGads Shaving

    Alright guys, so at this point it is obvious that people are experiencing CVR drops for the past couple of days. We won't be able to get anywhere as a community if we don't make our argument more concise. I went to both of my OGads accounts and messaged my AMs saying that the community is...
  12. B

    Need Resellers from eBay - Dropship Shaving & Hair Removal Products

    Hello there! I was reading these forums, but recent news made me sign up here. I am a long time ebay seller. Since Paypal stopped its operations in Turkey, I'm looking for sellers who can sell my products. For the products I will provide to you, I can say that now there is a big market...
  13. JimmyCash89

    CPA Conversion Rate...Shaving?

    Hey. I've recently been trying a bunch of techniques including some CL's mentioned on BHW that includes email follow up to a $1.00 sign-up. I posted an Ad on craigslist, got a ton of replies responded to them with the link got 29 clicks, with most of them saying thanks I'll give it a try...
  14. R

    Help. Is this scrubbing?

    Hey guys. Long time lurker, first time poser. I have a question about scrubbing as pertained to BH activity. I've been doing some stuff where I'm sending individuals to a few specific biz op free trial offers. The first 2 days were fine, and there were 3 conversions. Today, I sent 3 people...
  15. xboxps3wow

    Is this shaving?

    I tried a website on 2 cpa networks that have gateways. On one of the site about 36% clicked on an offer and on the other 63%. The site with lower percentage has a slower loading widget and I was thinking if this is the reason or are they just shaving that much? Also, trying to avoid this, I...
  16. U

    MaxBounty Noob Question

    I have been with them like 4 days, on a few campaigns where the epc is over .30 I have 88 clicks and 0.00 money made... What gives? or should I say... Is this normal? I was kinda expecting .30 or whatever cents per click.
  17. T

    IS this shaving really need help

    hey all hpe everyone is having a good day, I am stumped. i have sent 42 uniques to a page containing bhcb with a 2 second teaser time and my stats only show 3 clicks and 2 leads i dont mind the 2 leads but 3 clicks?! i dont understand, how do 42 people enter the site and bhcb only loads for 3...
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