1. H

    I need help with SessionBox Chrome extension..

    I am not sure if this is the right section to ask for this kind of support but this is the closest I could find, please forgive me because I am new-ish here.. Recently I have attempted to use SessionBox chrome extension (for cookie isolation) and I signedup, but then upon logging in it...
  2. ElitePower

    [Free Starter Package] Incogniton - Manage multiple unique browser profiles without detection!

    Incogniton V2 Now available: A multiple browser environment management tool with unique fingerprint protection for each browser profile. 1 year 20% discount for BHW members. Are you an online entrepreneur who needs to manage multiple accounts on social media networks such as Facebook...
  3. sanj108

    Multilogin App vs SessionBox ?

    Which would be better to use with multiple websites/sessions/proxies? (ie. opening and browsing100s of accounts in a same site at the same time with all UNIQUE identities) The security factors to consider are: finger-printing, user agent, browser, screen res, MAC ID etc. Price wise, multilogin...