serp change

  1. mainceaft

    My new website is indexed but not ranked

    So about 4 months ago I bought new domain and decide to start from scratch, I already prepared long mid-easy competitive KS's list, and I start creating contents for it, I even hire writers. Surprise surprise, my website SERP weren't moving a bit in past months, nothing change at all, I never...
  2. Starblazer

    [Case Study] You'll lose Google rankings if the user searches for the same keyword again after visiting your website

    Bounce rate is associated with rankings by many SEOs. Although they're not directly related, people often correlate high bounce rate with UX issues and poor targeting. The bounce rate analogy doesn't explain the rankings of single page websites. If the users return from your website, it doesn't...
  3. S

    Sudden change in Ranking ?

    There is a Sudden change in my keyword rankings yesterday.. Few keywords drops position from #4 to page 3, #9 to page 2, like so.. Is it normal ? or Google Dance ? or any Google Update ? Pls Advice..