1. C

    Ebay & Paypal separation - What Could Be Course?

    I noticed this two companies have decide to separate though, they'll still be working today. What could be the course of their separation?
  2. clickwhale

    [SEO] How tightly (related keywords) is tight enough?

    Without wasting time... I have 3 topics/groups of keywords, which are in the same niche, lets say, video games. Let's assume the keyword groups are: 1) assassins creed (and related keywords) 2) world of warcraft (and related keywords) 3) prince of persia (and related keywords) Now should I...
  3. O

    Sub-domains seprate strategy ?

    Hi all, i'm trying to setup a website, with sub-domains, but concernini SEO, i would like to know if it's possible to apply different SEO strategies for each sub-domains : Exemple ; i have I build on it a website on the online casinos thematic. If I build on a new...
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